Roosh V, men’s rights activist, is the latest casualty of big tech censorship after getting banned from Instagram, ChaseWepay

Anyone who continues to believe that complaints by conservatives, libertarians, free thinkers, and general nonconformists about being banned or censored by the Left-wing social media Nazis are being blown out of proportion isn’t paying attention.

On an almost daily basis now, the tech giants are kicking people off their platforms and/or finding ways to defund and otherwise neutralize them, all under the (false) pretense of ‘fighting evil’ and ‘combating hate speech.’

The latest casualty: men’s rights activist Roosh Valizadeh, more popularly known as Roosh V., founder of the ReturnOfKings blog (which he recently put on hiatus because he’s burned out and too busy).

When he shuttered RoK on October 1, he announced that he would be doing a book tour throughout the United States, asking readers to suggest which cities he should visit. He settled on 23 cities and is preparing to kick off that tour, Infowars reported.

However, earlier this week — and without warning (which is typical for the cowards who run the big tech platforms) Roosh was kicked off of Instagram and deplatformed by Chase Wepay, a payment processor he was using to sell tickets to his events.

All because he supports and promotes masculinity as masculinity once used to be both promoted and supported.

“I just got banned from Instagram,” Roosh tweeted on Wednesday. “My account was private.”

Within 19 hours, however, he was also tossed off of Chase Wepay.

“I just got banned from Chase WePay. I was using them to sell tour tickets. I will have to use another payment processor,” he wrote. 

Probably just a coincidence, huh? Roosh had announced his 23-city speaking tour just a few days before his bans.

He later shared a tweet in which the user, “Legends of Men,” wrote that Roosh was banned because of the announcement. 

“If this is the resistance I’m receiving from just my first day of selling tour tickets (via, I think we’re in for a wild summer,” he later wrote. 

‘We are watching in real time how this country becomes unfree’

Roosh’s ban comes on the heels of other notable conservatives, freedom lovers, Trump supporters, and non-conformists to Left-wing thought including David Horowitz (banned from Twitter) and Michael J. Morrison, who ran a parody account mocking Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (banned from Twitter).

Meanwhile, as NewsTarget reported, Infowars founder Alex Jones, Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan,  former Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson, former Breitbart News tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, conservative Jewish activist Laura Loomer, and others were also shown the virtual door by Facebook after the platform labeled them “extremists” and “dangerous.”

Journalist Nick Monroe noted: “Read my lips. This is WORSE than the usual sorts of bans.  Facebook/Instagram: “will remove ANY content containing Infowars videos, radio segments, or articles, and Facebook will remove any Groups set up to share Infowars content” That’s TOO MUCH power to give Facebook.”

POTUS Donald Trump tweeted last week that he is “continuing to monitor the censorship of AMERICAN CITIZENS on social media platforms,” but we’ve heard nothing from the White House or from Congress about what, if anything, anyone plans to do about it.

For his part, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has made social media censorship of conservatives and others a cause to fight against. 

“We are watching in real time as this country becomes unfree,” Carlson said. “Who’s defending us here? Where are our leaders in Congress? Where is the White House? As long as big tech isn’t hassling them personally — as long as their accounts remain open — they don’t seem to care. They are fools,” he said during his show this week. 

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