Harmeet Dhillon: If big tech has its way ‘we will lose every election going forward’

In an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, lawyer Harmeet Dhillon warned that conservatives need to take note of the threat of the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe or “we will lose every election going forward.”

(Article by Lucas Nolan republished from Breitbart.com)

In an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, host Tucker Carlson discussed how conservatives have been repeatedly targeted by big tech firms noting that even the Claremont Institute was recently denied the right to advertise on Google over a study published by the institute that Google deemed to be “racist.” Google has since apologized for this, claiming that denying the institute was a mistake.

Carlson then introduced Dhillon as one of the most “famous attorney in American on the question of Big Tech and its threat to our liberties.” Carlson asked Harmeet about the situation with the Claremont Institute and Google’s claims that not allowing them to use their platform was a mistake, asking “how many times have we heard this from some big tech company or another when caught silencing conservatives?” Dhillon replied: “Well we hear it every other day and Tucker, I am not delusional and people are actually discriminating against conservatives every other day in this way and they’re gaslighting us by saying ‘oh it was just a mistake, you imagined that.’”

Carlson then noted that social media has become the primary forum for political discussion in recent years, adding that “if you control the terms then you control the election don’t you?” to which Dhillon replied: “You will, and Republicans are ignoring this at their peril and I keep saying this, I feel like Cassandra, I keep saying this, we are going to lose every election going forward if we don’t put a stop to this bias. Either conservatives who are being paid off by Big Tech or are simply ill-informed either say ‘oh well this is just competition, this is just the market if you don’t like Twitter or Facebook go make your own.’ These are all statements made by people who have never started their own companies and who are paid by thinktanks, they don’t know what it means to start a business so that’s ludicrous.”

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