Twitter bans conservative James Woods for “hang them all” comment, allows liberal Stephen Colbert to post video of him saying he wants to strangle Attorney General Bill Barr

Twitter banned conservative Hollywood actor James Woods again two weeks ago because, in an apparent reference to the Mueller report clearing President Trump of Russian collusion and obstruction, he riffed on a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote using the hashtag #HangThemAll, “‘If you try to kill the King, you best not miss’ #HangThemAll.”

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Woods’ girlfriend Sara Miller posted a copy of the notice of suspension Twitter sent to Woods, “Of course Twitter doesn’t inform his followers. @RealJamesWoods has received the following email:”

On May 1, CBS broadcast The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with a segment in which Colbert expressed his desire to wring the neck of Attorney General William Barr, raising his hands to make a strangling motion and then widening his grasp as he joked he would need “five more hands” (because Barr’s neck is so big). Colbert finished by closing his hands in clenched fists of rage.

Speaking of Barr’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier in the day, Colbert said, “It was incredibly frustrating to watch; filled with legalistic hair-splitting and political ass-covering. I’d say it made me want to wring his neck but I’d need like five more hands!”

The segment of Colbert threatening to strangle Barr was posted as a promo on Twitter several hours before the East Coast airing of the Late Show.

We know how this works. If Sean Hannity on his Fox News Channel show said he wanted to wring Hillary Clinton’s neck while acting it out with his hands there would be boycotts and calls for his firing.

Is the FBI investigating Colbert for threatening to strangle the attorney general? And what will Twitter do?

BONUS: Sara Miller calls out more blatant Twitter hypocrisy:

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