ANALYSIS: Google is the ENEMY of humanity and must be destroyed, or human freedom dies forever

It’s the “mind” behind hundreds of millions of people’s mobile phones, email accounts, and search engine of choice. But the Google empire is anything but benevolent – and if it isn’t extinguished from the planet very soon, warns Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show, then we can all kiss our collective future goodbye.

That’s because if Google gets its way, everyone on the planet will be monitored, tracked, and controlled by the New World Order Google overlords who, like they’re currently doing in China, plan to persecute and destroy all dissenters here in the United States who dare to buck the established status quo.

Right now, more than 98 percent of mainstream media outlets the world over are controlled by just six people. And all of these people, says Hodges, are Leftists who hate average Americans, as well as America itself and everything for which this country stands.

Even Fox News, which positions itself as media for conservatives, is merely controlled opposition that’s funneling its viewers right into the same slaughterhouse as all of the other news outlets. Sadly, this leaves about two percent of the media, several outlets of which are now banned by Google, to tell people the truth.

“At the forefront of the propaganda that keeps America paralyzed is Google,” Hodges explains about the source of the problem. “Google has moved passed Monsanto (i.e. Monsatan) as the most evil corporation in the world.”

Google has merged with communist China, plans to implement global authoritarianism

Back in the summer, it was announced that Google was developing a “special” search engine for communist China that allows for only state-sanctioned “news” to show up in the results. Well, Google has similar plans for the U.S., it turns out.

“Google is an active participant in Chinese genocide against their conservative social class with the installation of the Google-created Chinese Social Credit System that sends average citizens to prison and ultimately their demise for expressed populist opinions as detected by the Google technology,” says Hodges.

“And that technology is being implemented in America as I write these words. The marriage between the repressive Chinese government and Google is a marriage made in hell.”

When asked about this during a recent congressional hearing, Google CEO Sundar Pichai laughed at Congress, demonstrating his complete disdain for freedom and the rule of law. In essence, Pichai and his fellow anti-American globalists are planning to turn the U.S. into communist China – and unless the American people stop them, they’ll likely succeed.

“Google is more powerful than nations,” says Hodges.

“They are treating the world like any conquering army. They are erasing history, altering culture, stifling legitimate dissent, strangling economic competition, monopolizing the Internet, hacking elections and relentlessly spying on American citizens.”

Hodges further adds that Google has now gone beyond even what’s depicted in the dystopian novel 1984 with its implementation of a global thought “cage” where especially younger people are being totally indoctrinated into globalist doctrine. This means it’s up to those who know better to get up off the couch and get the word out if they care one iota about the future of their families.

“The key to waking up the majority of the slugs is to put them and theirs on death’s ground,” says Hodges. “All conversations with the beer-drinking NFL-couch-potato-fanatics must begin and end with the discussion of the bottom line, the death and destruction of their children by the hand of the globalists.”

“To the slugs who think that they can hide behind their cognitive dissonance, please look at the future that the globalists have planned for your children,” he concludes.

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