Apple bans Christian app, other tech giants soon to follow as war on Christianity accelerates

The online war against free speech, free thought and association continues as tech giants continue to target and ban “dangerous” text, audio, and video. According to a recent BBC report, Apple has removed a Christian app because its teachings on homosexuality are “dangerous.”

According to the report, an activist group called “Truth Wins Out” pleaded with Apple to remove a Christian app that spreads “dangerous” speech and ideas. The offended activist group convinced Apple to remove Living Hope Ministries from its app store. Now the activist group is petitioning Google and Amazon to follow suit and ban Living Hope Ministries from their platforms, too. “Google and Amazon [must] immediately stop selling and promoting this app, which dehumanizes LGBT people,” says the petition, signed by 356 supporters. Google is preparing to remove the app if it violates Google’s “ban on content that incites hatred.”

Living Hope Ministries is a Biblical ministry that teaches “sexual wholeness” for various groups, including youth, men, women, and spouses. The ministry helps people have healthy sexual relationships and a “more intimate relationship with Jesus.” The ministry has changed many lives for the better, including youth who don’t want to act out on sexual impulses or be defined by past sexual decisions. Living Hope Ministries is anything but a “hate organization.” The app helps people who struggle with their faith and their feelings.

“We help people understand who they are in Christ” said Ricky Chelette, the ministry’s executive director. “We only help those individuals who are seeking us.”

Gay rights activists are especially offended by a Living Hope Ministries article titled, “How do I help My Gay Friend?” The activist group says any messages that seek to change homosexuals are toxic because they portray homosexuality as an addiction that needs to be fixed. Obviously, gay rights groups are going to take issue with Christian ministries; this is perfectly fine until the gay rights groups gain the power to restrict Christians’ ability to speak, think, and associate on the internet.

What if Christian ministries petitioned to ban gay rights and Big Tech discriminated against gays?

Do gay rights groups have the right to take away the rights of Christian ministries? In a free market of ideas, the answer is a resounding NO. When tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Amazon cow-tow to offended groups and dictate the marketplace via censorship, accountability must ensue. All Americans have the right to engage in commerce, live out their purpose, and teach the tenants of their religious beliefs, no matter how many activist groups are offended.

If Christian groups were the ones banning gay rights groups online, the entire media would call out Christians for committing “hate crimes,” “bigotry,” and “discrimination.” Ironically, it’s the gay rights groups pleading for bans on Christian content, and the gay rights groups are getting away with it. Instead of taking a stand against bigotry, Big Tech is sponsoring an all-out censorship war against Christians, discriminating against Christian beliefs and damaging their outreach in the most fascist way.

If Apple can get away with banning the Living Hope Ministries app, a dangerous precedent has been set. Any “offensive” Christian apps could be removed next. If apps display offensive scriptures or if apps do not embrace homosexuality, they could be nixed. The same censorship rule could be applied to all Christian teachings in Google searches and Amazon products.

If there is any group that should understand the dangers of forcing conversion, it should be gay rights groups. Forcing Christians to convert and comply with gay doctrine is real bigotry, hate, and discrimination; if Big Tech continues in this despicable direction they will be perpetuating the same discrimination they claim to be fighting against.

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