President Trump must seize and shut down the techno-fascists, journo-terrorists and domestic enemies who are censoring conservatives and patriots

URGENT VIDEO UPDATE: (watch video below)

  • Facebook and the left-wing media have unleashed a coordinated, new assault on conservative speech, de-platforming, de-monetizing and blacklisting nearly all conservative content channels and news organizations.
  • These actions by the techno-fascists (tech giants) and anti-America media are acts of treason during a time of war, designed to destroy the United States from within and shred our constitutional republic.
  • The coordinated escalation of censorship against conservatives, Trump supporters, Christians and gun owners is likely a prelude to a planned massive false flag event which would likely involve staged mass shootings carried out by false flag operatives (deep state) who carry out a mass shooting in the building of a tech giant corporation such as Facebook or Twitter. The shooting would be coordinated by deep state, anti-American operators who recruit a convenient scapegoat (former military, psychiatric drug user, InfoWars bumper stickers, etc.) to take the blame and cement the official narrative that blames the violence on the “far right.” This would be endlessly cited by the establishment media to justify the permanent de-platforming of the independent media.
  • President Trump must act decisively and declare these techno-fascists and journo-terrorists to be enemy combatants engaged in acts of war against America.
  • The United States government must temporarily seize and shut down Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Wikipedia and other tech giants engaged in these acts of treason against America. The top managers and CEOs of these organizations must be arrested by military police and subjected to military tribunals to face trials for their acts of treason against America. Control over Big Tech can be restored to the private sector only after the tech giants agree to respect the First Amendment rights of public users.
  • It is also likely that an attempted execution of President Trump is in the works, and that independent media voices which support Trump are being universally silenced in order to control the official narrative once Trump is possibly executed by the deep state. President Trump is no doubt well aware of this threat and is likely taking extreme precautions to avert this action.
  • The desperation of the anti-American deep state and its communist handlers leads to the realization that they may try “area effect” weapons of mass destruction in order to eliminate Trump along with potentially millions of other people. This could theoretically involve a nuclear weapon detonated in Washington D.C., or an area-effect chemical weapon or radiological weapon (dirty bomb) which is exploded near the White House when Trump is situated there. What has become clear is that the anti-American forces now running the tech giants, media giants and deep state are willing to kill an unlimited number of Americans as long as they remain in power and eliminate the Trump threat to their mafia-like control over the bureaucracy and intelligence community.
  • The left-wing tech giants have been infiltrated and taken over by communist China. They are now almost universally acting in concert with China to destroy America from within. They are sharing technology with China and even developing technology to amplify China’s police state surveillance and control over its own enslaved population. After being deployed in China, these technologies will be rolled out in America unless the tech giants are stopped first.
  • Google has a plan to use AI robotic systems (actual real-like “Terminator” robots) to eliminate most of what the globalists call “useless eaters.” This eventually includes communist Leftists who are also considered entirely expendable by the globalist powers. Leftists are “useful idiots” to the extent that they help achieve the desired elimination and mass murder of conservatives and Christians, but once that is accomplished, the Leftists are next on the chopping block.
  • In summary, the extreme censorship of independent voices by the tech giants is just the first step to a much larger agenda of the annihilation of most of humankind and the replacement of humans with AI systems and automated robotic laborers. For humanity to be largely exterminated, independent information must first be eliminated, followed by the complete elimination of gun rights among citizens in order to disarm the citizenry as a step toward mass genocide carried out by governments or corporations (such as Google).
  • The tech giants are not merely the enemies of America; they are the enemies of the human race and they actively seek to eliminate most of humanity, replacing humans with AI systems while the few remaining globalists rule the world through a science dictatorship and fascist thought control regime powered by relentless AI surveillance of the remaining citizenry.
  • Ultimately, these remaining globalists believe they will merge with the machines and achieve a transhumanist transcendence, which will allow them to achieve digital immortality while, they believe, merging their consciousness with AI-augmented machines. Effectively, the techno-fascist globalists believe they will become gods. But they have to mass murder 6+ billion humans first, and they are more than willing to that since they value no lives other than their own.

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