Twitter hosted violent hate rants and photos of New Zealand mass shooter who live-streamed the killing of Muslim churchgoers

Because Twitter has now repeatedly violated Sec. 230 of the CDA (Communications Decency Act), the dishonest, unethical tech giant can now be sued by victims of the mass shooting involving two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, where the murder of innocent Muslim churchgoers just took place in the last few hours.

The two mosques where shootings took place, according to Radio NZ, are the Masjid Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Masjid Mosque.

At least one of the shooters obtained what almost certainly appear to be illegal weapons in New Zealand, then posted his intentions to kill Muslims on Twitter. He even posted deranged photos with revenge messages scrawled across firearm magazines. Twitter did not remove his account, even as Twitter banned Natural News (@HealthRanger) from posting stories about nutrition and natural health.

Yes, you read that correctly: Twitter banned one of the most prominent online channels on natural health and nutrition but didn’t ban an insane, deranged mass shooter’s channel that clearly contained disturbing visual proof of an intent to carry out mass murder. As you’ll see below, Twitter may be complicit in this carefully planned, staged event that took the lives of innocent people for the purpose of causing cultural chaos and violence.

Here’s one of the photos that Twitter carried on behalf of the mass shooter, who went on to murder an unknown number of churchgoers:

Twitter and Facebook can both be sued for publishing this killer’s photos and videos, since they have forfeit any liability protection under Sec. 230 of the CDA

The facts of this horrific event seem to point toward huge legal liability for Twitter, which is now functioning as an editorial publisher by selectively banning channels for political speech or health freedom speech.

Twitter can now be sued by all the families of the victims of these violent shootings, for Twitter has forfeited Sec. 230 legal immunity by selectively banning pro-America, pro-Trump channels as part of its agenda to assert strong editorial control over its platform. This puts Twitter in the position of being legally liable for all the content posted on Twitter, including the content posted by this mass shooter.

The shooter also live-streamed the entire mass killing on Facebook, posting a video that looks eerily like a first-person shooter video game… except these were real casualties and real deaths, not imaginary video game scores. By the same legal reasoning, this also makes Facebook legally liable for potentially billions of dollars in damages stemming from lawsuits of the families whose loved ones were murdered while Facebook used a video stream of the mass murder to increase its corporate profits.

Both Twitter and Facebook, accurately stated, are complicit in these New Zealand murders.

Here’s a screen grab of the video the shooter live-streamed on Facebook. Note the bizarre scrawling in white marker on this shotgun which was used at the beginning of the shooting. The fact that this event was carefully scripted, video recorded and published on social media proves that this real violence was staged as a global media event to achieve a specific political purpose (see below).

The violence is real, but the entire shooting appears to be an elaborate staging of events to provoke more war and hatred… and Twitter just helped the killers achieve their ultimate goal

Notably, as much as the violence in this event appears to be genuine, it also appears that the shooter was setting up an elaborate narrative to blame conservatives such as Candace Owens, who is for some reason named in a post that was reportedly authored by the shooter. (Candace Owens is a brilliant, African-American conservative commentator who abhors the use of violence, by the way.) Other parts of the post containing hate-filled rants against Islam and a desire to carry out violence against Muslims.

The narrative that this shooter was “radicalized” by intelligent conservative voices like Candace Owens is obviously contrived, and it points to larger questions about who might really be behind this event (and who benefits from the narrative that emerges from the carefully scripted, video-documented violence).

According to the shooter’s own manifesto which was apparently posted to social media, the shooter specifically chose to use firearms to escalate mass media coverage and cause a civil war in the United States. The rantings read like a CIA “divide and conquer” blueprint, or a “problem-reaction-solution” approach to sowing dissent and sparking even more violence. SeeĀ for rapid coverage of tweets and videos, as we are refusing to publish the videos here, since they are too graphic.

Another suspicious fact that’s emerging from this event concerns reports that there may have been three shooters at two locations, meaning this may have been a coordinated, carefully planned (i.e. staged) event.

Notably, New Zealand is already an extremely restrictive nation when it comes to civilian ownership of firearms. The rifle that has been shown in photos that appear to be linked to this shooting are firearms which are extremely difficult to obtain in New Zealand and require multiple levels of government permitting, background checks and home inspections. Although it is too early to know yet, it seems almost certain that at least one of these weapons was acquired illegally.

We mourn the loss of innocent life and reiterate that no person — not Muslims, not Christians, not Hindus, Sikhs or Jews — deserves to be subjected to violence merely because of their religion.

Since President Trump was elected in 2016, however, Leftists in America have been escalating their hate-filled attacks on Christians in America, all while labeling Bible scripture “hate speech” and censoring Christians from social media. The same tech giants that censor Christians who preach the word of God, it turns out, are more than happy to live-stream mass murder by a deranged lunatic whose rantings just happen to perfectly fit the globalist narrative that would foment worldwide violence and hatred.

How convenient.

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