EXPOSED: “NewsGuard” organization founded by globalists to censor independent media has ties to pro-Monsanto American Enterprise Institute propagandists

How do you know if news is guaranteed to be fake? Just look for the “News Guard” shield symbol followed by a check mark and the words “News Guard Rating.” If you’re not pro-war, pro-GMO, and pro-Clinton, your news will be “ranked” and labeled as fake news when given the stamp of the oppressors, who are NeoCon-backed “fact checkers” funded by the most abhorrent journo-terrorists and presstitutes of our time. We’ve already witnessed the total purge of independent media from social media sites, and now we’re seeing the beginning of the end of truth media on the internet.

This is an all-out war on independent (Indy) media waged by NewsGuard Technologies, an elite group of shills funded by neo-conservatives, Silicon Valley, and the immensely corrupt deep state of the U.S. government. These news hucksters put their “fake news” filter in full gear just after crooked Hillary lost the 2016 election in an effort to silence anyone who speaks out against the useless wars in the Middle East, vaccines, genetically modified food, pharmaceutical medications, mainstream lying media, or Leftist-ruled libtard social media.

NewsGuard lobbying to install its fake rankings of news sites on every computer in every U.S. public library, school, university, and on every smart phone and laptop sold in America

If the fake news Nazis get their way, every type of technology in America will be laced with a news rating system that ensures nobody knows the truth about anything anymore. Every false news narrative fabricated and regurgitated by the clones of mainstream media and scripted by the Communist-Socialist-Democrats will be deemed as real news, and anyone who questions it, debates it, exposes it, or even just intelligently challenges it, will be silenced and censored. Period.

The U.S. state of Hawaii is the first to jump aboard the tyrannical Nazi news train and head for the truth news “concentration camps.” Under the guise of “News Literacy Partnership,” the Hawaii State Public Library System is teaming up with Nazi NewsGuard to spread fake news to its library patrons, on over 700 computers at all 51 library branches, and deny citizens their Constitutional rights to read real journalism and published facts about their country, organic food, natural medicine, real science, international culture, and more.

The ultimate goal of NewsGuard is to promote dissonance, hatred, war, fake science (think global warming), gun confiscation laws, and the total obliteration of healthy food and natural medicine. NewsGuard has already dished out their “free browser extension” that displays their fake ratings on search engines and social media feeds.

This ensures all of Hawaii’s library patrons become completely real news illiterate, believing in only the false narratives shoveled down by the rich mogul shills who create the news rankings. NewsGuard will be “arming” all Americans with fake news to help fund the already deep pockets of Big Food, Big Pharma, and the Military Industrial War Complex. Of course, the most evil man on planet Earth is funding the whole Nazi news endeavor – the infamous and insidious vaccine-pusher, genocidal depopulation freak, and Microsoft guru himself – Bill Gates.

Free “teaching tool” now the sword of the propagandists that will “behead” all real news and valuable information for Americans

Microsoft Corporation is sponsoring the illiteracy initiative that will decapitate real learning and news literacy by regulating all information that’s searchable on every smart device in every middle school, high school, university, library, and educational organization in the nation, soon.

Mainstream media and fake news organization kings, like CNN, New York Times, Boston Globe, Politico,, and Washington Post, all tried their best to manipulate the narrative for Hillary Clinton’s camp so they could rob America’s POTUS election, and since then they’ve been trying so hard for the past two years to spread the fake news narratives of Russia-Trump collusion, climate change, vaccine safety, and scary GMO “technology” all to no avail. So, now, they want to go global with a news filter that will label every intelligent news source as discredited. Get ready.

Anyone who challenges the status quo fake news has been labeled “anti-science” or “anti-vaccine” or even “unpatriotic” treasonous traitors. Everyone who dares to install the NewsGuard browser extension secretly allows the oligarchy-style rating system to spread automatically (like a virus) to all other computers linked to that network that already have the browser plugin installed. In other words, all fake news will be labeled as real, and all real news will be labeled as fake, bearing the NewsGuard (NG) Red Badge (think of the Nazi Swastika) next to its headline.

The “SS news police” of NG will advise readers to “proceed with caution,” since whatever comes next is not approved by their propaganda machine that filters out truth news. NG wants everyone to trust in their lies by reading “detailed explanations” of why they gave each rating, so students and researchers won’t question anything ever or think critically anymore at all, just believe the parroted narrative pushed out by Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and the rest of the world’s rich white supremacists seeking a new “New World Order.”

TruthWiki defines NewsGuard as the following:

NewsGuard is a propaganda and fake-ratings research firm that uses pseudo-journalists to create new fake news filters as further promotion of misinformation and disinformation coming from today’s top 7,500 news sources. Their trained analysts review online news brands to help propaganda mass media rule the internet by censoring, banning, abolishing, and bankrupting legitimate journalism that supports and propels healthy eating, natural medicine, sustainable farming practices, critical thinking, individualism, self-reliance, and of course, the Constitution.

To accomplish all of this, NewsGuard created a hokey “green-yellow-red” ratings signal for differentiating between fake news (labeled as green) and actual news that counters the scripted, hidden agenda narrative (labeled as red), so that the brainwashed, medicated masses can use the dumbed-down ratings to continue believing that the mass media propaganda and falsehoods are all real. This limits or eliminates any real news that uncovers the usual narrative, such as “safe spaces” are good, and that we should all become violent and obtuse when anyone disagrees with the mass media messages.

NewsGuard’s main function is to keep truth news from running advertising that would support their continued functioning. They’ve gone so far as to create a “Nutrition Label” to promote anything that makes Americans sick as being safe, effective, sustainable, and nutritious, such as GMOs, processed foods, and anything made with conventional meat and dairy products. Their “SWAT” team of analysts supposedly works around the clock to identify any real news that’s trending so they can help shut it down.

NewGuard is run by shills and has already falsely rated over 2,000 news and information sites to benefit their narrative

Just check the advisory board and funding sources for NewsGuard and you will instantly recognize the greatest purveyors of fake news. From the biggest Clinton campaign contributors to the fraudulent gurus at Time Magazine (think of the stench of chief propagandist Richard Stengel), NG is surely putting to work all of the already-exposed shills, charlatans, hacks, hucksters, propagandists, and journalistic misfits, who jump from one fake news publication to another, regularly disseminating disinformation.

This would include the wife-beating, character assassin Jon Entine (who got fired from Forbes after Natural News exposed him), L. Gordon Crovitz (another AEI, Wall Street, Leftist war hawk) who’s the editor and contributor to books published by the Monsanto-front-group called American Enterprise Institute, Tom Ridge (W. Bush’s crook for Homeland Security), along with power-hungry ex-CIA and ex-NSA hucksters, who now join the NG fake news oligarchy “tech” team.

Richard Stengel, former Editor at Time Magazine, has already openly and directly stated that he supports the use of propaganda on American citizens, when his words were captured at a Council on Foreign Relations forum about “fake news.” That’s posted on Twitter in case you’re having any doubts.

NG is deeply entangled with nefarious corporate elitists and extremists of the Left. Watch for the kings of Pharma and Biotechnology to hop aboard the fake news Nazi train, where all real news is “ranked” low, censored, and deleted from the history “books,” which are now being burned and replaced with unconstitutional search engine filters and Leftist rankings that stink of Swastikas. Folks, you can smell the smoke in the breeze. Get ready for an all-out information war. Stand up for Trump and the Constitution now or forever hold your peace (and lose your piece too).

Tune in to for updates on the best ways to protect your home, your family, your organic food, your natural medicine, your guns, and your Constitutional rights when SHTF. It’s only a matter of time now.

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