Tech giants now BAN biological science… anyone stating that men are not women is silenced

The Left’s descent into madness and lunacy continues to set new milestones, as one head-shaking outrage begets another.

Nowhere is this insanity manifesting itself more than on the platforms of the social media giants, where traditional American values and culture go to die.

As reported by Breitbart News, a notable feminist, Meghan Murphy, was recently banned from Twitter because she dared to point out what used to be an obvious truism: Biological men are not biological women, and it doesn’t matter how one “identifies” or what one claims as his/her ‘sex.’

Following the ban, Murphy wrote a piece for Quillette earlier this week to explain how “banal” facts have now, in the Left’s crazy mixed-up gender world, become “heresy — akin to terrorist speech.”

Murphy was permanently banished from the platform last week because she said, “Women aren’t men,” and, “How are trans women not men? What is the difference between a man and a transwoman?”

Heresy! Off with your account!

After Twitter forced Murphy to delete her posts, she then called out the social media platform and was subsequently banned. 

The result led Murphy to accuse Twitter — correctly — of “censoring basic facts and silencing people” who do not share the warped version of biology and science currently espoused by the Leftist nerdy nerd speech Nazis combing the platform daily for dissenting views.

“The statement that ‘Men aren’t women’ would have been seen as banal—indeed, tautological—just a few years ago. Today, it’s considered heresy—akin to terrorist speech that seeks to ‘deny the humanity’ of trans-identified people who very much wish they could change sex, but cannot,” wrote Murphy in her Quillette piece. 

“These heretics are smeared as ‘TERF’—a term of abuse that stands for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist—and blacklisted. On many Twitter threads, the term is more or less synonymous with ‘Nazi.’”

She also observed in her article that transgender identity is taken as a “religious faith” which means no one can question its doctrine or the motivation and ideology behind it. (Related: Twitter supports genital mutilation of little girls by banning anyone who opposes the barbaric practice.)

Time to abandon the social media giants

“I was angry to have lost a Twitter account with tens of thousands of followers. I was angry to have lost a book deal. But I will recover,” she wrote. “I have countless supporters, and my career is far from over. Certainly, I don’t plan on shutting up.”

She noted further that her crusade — it seems like a crusade now — is not simply all about her.

“It’s about a cultish movement that is flexing its muscle on campuses, in civic organizations, at public events, and in the back offices of social-media companies, to strike down anyone who dares point out that the gender emperor wears no clothes,” Murphy wrote. 

“It is about our ability to debate important issues and speak the truth in the public realm. It’s time for all of us—not just women and feminists, who are now taking the worst of it—to put their collective foot down and demand a return to sanity,” she concluded.

That’s all well and fine — and necessary, as it happens. But in terms of being able to express long-proven scientific facts and biological truths on the platforms of the social media behemoths, that’s simply not going to be permitted. 

Once upon a time Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Google existed as platforms for genuine, unfettered, unfiltered human interactions. They epitomized the right of free speech and expression.

But somewhere along the line, they got too big and, as a result, too powerful. Their CEOs came to believe they were masters of the universe and that their real mission in life was to change cultures, change values and mores, and then impose their worldview on everyone — the antithesis of free expression.

These platforms have been lost to the tyrants. The best thing to do is simply abandon them for emerging free speech platforms.

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